Does it Work? L'Oreal Volume Filler Shampoo & Conditioner


I was once the proud owner of long and lustrous locks, but alas, that changed over the years due to some minor health issues and stress. I noticed that my hair was thinning, and seriously lacking it's former semi-voluminous bounce. Determined to revive my hair and bring it back to its golden days, I've been on the hunt for affordable volumizing products that actually work.

I stumbled across the L'Oreal Volume Filler Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner by happy accident while perusing the hair care line of my local Walgreens. The totally affordable price coupled with its convincing promise of results after simply one use had me sold, and I rushed home to give it a whirl.


What it promises: Voluptuous, volume infused hair that generates texture from within to create a thicker feeling and lasting volume over time and continuous use. After 5 applications, overall diameter should increase noticeably. This product is formulated with Filloxane, which penetrates , fills and expands every individual hair fiber for visibly thicker hair. 

What it did: The first time I used this shampoo and conditioner, I tried not to get my hopes up. After all, I was expecting movie star hair for the grandiose price of $10. After showering, I combed my hair and let it air dry. To my delight, as my hair started to dry, it definitely looked more voluminous than usual. Not to mention, it was shiny and smelled AMAZING, (I got a few compliments when I went out later that night). I've used this product three times now, and each time I am continously pleased with the results.

The verdict: I'm curious to see if my hair really does change over time, but as of right now, I'm very happy with the results. If you have fine/thin hair, I recommend giving this product a shot. Worst case scenario you're down $10 and your hair smells like expensive perfume (in the best way possible).

  Excuse the amateur selfie, it was one of those days. This is what my hair looked like  after I let it air dry.

  Excuse the amateur selfie, it was one of those days. This is what my hair looked like  after I let it air dry.