Get the Glow: Is Highlighter the Only Way to Shine?


The best accessory to sport during the summer is healthy glowing skin. While the true secret to getting your hands on this lies in your skin care, who you said you can't fake it 'til you make it? A common statement I hear from older women is that "they're too old for highlighter" yet they still want a dewy glow. Well ladies, you don't need to bathe yourself in highlighter to look like you just stepped off a beach in Bali. While I do have a pretty regimented skin routine, I almost always incorporate a product that's going to really give me that "glow" factor. Literally, if you ever lose me in dark room, I won't be hard to find. I switch up my products and routines every now but the products and techniques listed below are my usual glow-to's (see what I did there?).

Stila One Step Illuminate Primer, $36

This illuminating primer is a part of Stila's "One Step" face primer collection and definitely one of my favorites. After moisturizing, apply this primer all over before your foundation for a subtle yet noticeable glow. This innovative triple-swirled helix serum instantly illuminates, primes and nourishes skin while also improving skin tone, complexion and the look fine lines and wrinkles. It has three different shades of bronzers to deliver a glow that compliments every complexion. You can even wear this alone for a quick shot of shine. If you're older and worried about overdoing it, I recommend this primer because it really does deliver a subtle yet beautiful glow.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops, $42

These aren't new to the beauty scene, but their new on my obsession list. These custom and ultra-pigmented bronzing drops allow you to tint your favorite skin products with your ideal glow. They are available in nine different shades but Celestial is definitely my fave, since it's a universally flattering pearl-y glow (especially for darker skin tones, it looks extra stunning).

My favorite way to use these drops is to mix it in with  liquid foundation or use the droppers to apply it on my cheeks and forehead and then blend, if I'm using a stick foundation. I usually use 3-4 drops.

You can also use these as a standalone highlighter but the color sticks immediately to skin so it can be hard to blend if not mixed with something. If you have oily skin beware- these can increase oil production throughout the day. Stick to 1-2 drops if you know your skin tends to get super oily. 

Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener, $20

I use this under eye brightener on days when I need a little extra oomf. (Basically when I'm super hungover or sleep deprived). I love this product because it's super blendable, yet pigmented. It's sheer reflective color helps to hide dark circles and doubles as a highlighter. Don't shy away from this product older gals, it offers just the right amount of sparkle and shows beautifully in photos.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter, $38

Okay I know I've raved about this product before, but it's only right to include the holy grail of highlighters in a post about glowing skin. My all time fave shade is Champagne Pop, but Opal is also a great shade. Quite honestly I'm a glow enthusiast so I almost always use this product in my makeup routine, coupled with a few of the other products I mentioned in this post. What makes such a big difference with this product is where and how you apply it. Using a thicker, almost dome shaped brush creates better pigment than a fan brush, you can even use a beauty blender to get great results. I use the Pixi x Maryamnyc Strobe & Sculpt brush. For an all over facial glow, apply highlighter to the high points of your face: top of your forehead, top of your nose, cheekbones and cupids bow of your lips. I promise it makes a huge difference!

My personal glow routine always includes mixing the Cover Fx drops with my foundation and then topping it off with Becca's Champagne Pop. What are some of your glow-to products?