Tarte 'Shape Tape' Foundation + Charlotte Tilbury 'Hollywood Flawless Filter' Review


Oh boy, where to even start?! I'm currently in a weird "in-between foundations" stage where I'm testing out products to see how they compare to some of my tried and true go-to's (shout out to the ABH stick foundation!)

The first product on my to-try list was Tarte's new 'Shape Tape' foundation. This line of foundations comes in a hydrating or matte finish, and I chose to try out the matte. Due to the incredible success and quality of their 'Shape Tape' concealer, I had high expectations. 



Warning: Very disappointing news ahead.

Much to my displeasure, this foundation did not even come close to performing like the concealer. I tried so hard to work with it, and I finally gave up. Here's why:

  1.  It doesn't stay on well and is not long lasting.

  2. Requires some serious blending power.

  3. Unlike the Shape Tape concealer, which literally stays on for years, this foundation separates and fades throughout the day, even with setting powder.

  4. It oxidizes at least a shade and a half darker.

Bottom line: This foundation was a flop for Tarte. I don't recommend buying it(I'm still a die-hard Shape Tape Concealer gal though). ALSO the shade range is no bueno! Tarte completely disregarded those who have darker skin tones.

Now time for some good news, a la Charlotte Tilbury. In the midst of an NYC blizzard, I  recently made my way to Charlotte's NYC launch party for her new 'Hollywood Flawless Filter Complexion Booster.' Complete with the world's most impressive photo/selfie room (it was set up like a red carpet, paparazzi flashes included) the night was FULL of incredible photo opportunities.

Not to mention, I got a chance to chat with the makeup maven herself, who is literally SO lovely. She complimented my makeup and I almost keeled over.

Charlotte Tilbury and I

Charlotte Tilbury and I

Anyways, back to the product. It offers a 'lit from within glow' with minimal, yet buildable coverage, making it a very versatile and multi-functioning product. Below are a few of my favorite ways to use it:

  1. Wear it alone! Perfect for beach days or on-the-go moments when you want a healthy glow.

  2. Apply it as a primer before foundation for a boost of luminosity.

  3. Apply it over foundation, specifically, matte foundation, to even out fine lines and to add a beautiful, yet natural glow.

  4. Use it as a highlighter, (buy a shade lighter)

If my skin needs a little revival, I like applying this product underneath my concealer, since I use a matte concealer and sometimes I need a bit of a luminous boost. (example below: Apply, blend, and voila).

Bottom line, I love Charlotte Tilbury and I really do love this product. My only critique is that I wish she offered a more diverse color range for darker skin tones. Also, if you have oily skin, I would recommend using this product only as a highlighter, versus full face application.

To get your hands on this product, click here.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 4.47.40 PM.png

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