MET Gala 2018: Red Carpet Review


Ah, the first Monday in May, or as I have affectionately dubbed it, the Sartorial Superbowl. This year, the theme for the 2018 MET Gala was "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" which struck an ironic chord with me as I've attended Catholic school my whole life and thus been subject to wearing a uniform for the better part of my educational career. I've never grouped Catholicism and fashion into a category together, so I was intrigued to see how the celebs would step out for this year's red carpet.

So which celeb's Sunday Best was Monday Better?

 Behold, the best, the worst, and the honorable mentions of the 2018 MET Gala.

Best: Rihanna in Maison Margiela

Everyone knows it's not a MET Gala without RiRi, and this year the fashion icon (who was also a host) arrived uncharacteristically early to the red carpet in her Pope inspired garb. Rihanna never disappoints and always sticks to the theme, so she always a winner in my book.

Best: Blake Lively in Versace

I mean, how ethereal does she look!? It's been a minute since Blake has ruled a red carpet like she used to, but last night she reclaimed her title as a member of red carpet royalty.

Worst: Lana Del Rey in custom Gucci

Listen- I adore Lana. I also am able to appreciate her dedication to the theme. Something just isn't right here, her wig being one of the first problems. Sorry Lana, I love you, but not this look.

Best: Solange Knowles in Iris Van Herpen

Somehow Solange made Catholicism sexy and I'm 100% here for it. Interesting juxtaposition with the do rag, but hey, it's working.

Worst: Hailey Baldwin in Tommy Hilfiger

Hailey Baldwin announced her relationship with pop singer Shawn Mendes (do you hear the muffled sobs of gays everywhere?) by making their red carpet debut. Unfortunately, it looked more like a prom king and queen debut, as her Coachella-esque flower crown and boring Tommy Hilfiger gown made me think of a highschool dance.

Best: Cardi B in Moschino

Cardi has been KILLING it this year sartorially, and homegirl pulled out all the stops last night. She was on theme from head to toe. As a fashion newcomer and first time Met Gala attendee, I was beyond impressed. PLUS she's super preggers at the moment.. imagine how heavy her outfit is ontop of carrying a baby?!

Best: Jennifer Lopez in Balmain

Jenny from the Block brought her Sunday best, which included a serious thigh slit that would send any priest running to confession. Seriously, she looked amazing and I am loving this hairstyle on her.

Worst: Kylie Jenner in Alexander Wang

New mama Kyle Jenner made her first red carpet debut since giving birth to her little girl Stormi, but unfortunately it was a swing and a miss. Besides the fact that it has nearly nothing to do with the theme, the fit is unflattering and the glasses do nothing but confuse me.

Best: Kim Kardashian West in Versace

Full disclosure, I can't tell if I'm just obsessed with her glam or her overall look in general. The night may be about fashion, but Kim's hair and makeup had me SHOOK. She looked incredible, and she did give a nod to the theme with the cross motifs, which is truthfully more than I expected from her after last year's incredibly underwhelming Met outfit.

Worst: Shailene Woodley

Is this a nod to Joan of Arc, the Tin Man, or Lord Farquad from the Shrek movie?

Best: Zendaya in Versace

THIS is how you take a theme and run with it! Zendaya always delivers on the red carpet, and last night was no exception! She truly looks like art (imagine how heavy this dress is?!)

Honorable Mention: Jasmine Sanders in H&M

Honorable Mention: Kate Bosworth in Oscar de la Renta

Honorable Mention: Rita Ora in Prada