Who is Carrie Without the Clothes?


Sex and the City: iconic, stylish, provocative, historical. This show changed the way women viewed sex, fashion, relationships, and being in the workforce (to name a few).


Listen, I know this television show has been dissected and discussed tirelessly since it's inception, rise, and eventual end. You're probably thinking to yourself Great, another article about Carrie! 

The other day, I was sitting with my boss, Patricia Field, (yes THAT Patricia Field, aka the mastermind costume designer for the Sex and the City series) and we were listening to a speech she recently gave back in December at The Phoenix Costume Design Institute. An audience member asked a question pertaining to the different characters in Sex and the City, and how their personalities and styles were differentiated to Patricia by the producer, Darren Starr. 

Pat ran through the girls, describing Charlotte as the "girl you take home to meet your mother" and Miranda as the "sensible career woman" as well as Samantha as the "sex bomb woman with attitude." As I sat and listened to these descriptions, I found myself nodding my head in agreement, fondly recalling the hundreds of episodes I had watched that reflected these personalities. "When it came to Carrie, Darren really didn't have a description for her. She was just the star. She was eclectic."

This made my brain swirl, who the hell was Carrie? Was she the endearing, fabulously dressed narrator who made us think about relationships? Was she the shoe-obsessed, fashion risk-taking New Yorker that every girl aspired to be like at some point in their lives? Then my mind took another turn- Who was Carrie Bradshaw without the clothes? WIthout the tutu, the nameplate necklace, the Manolo Blahniks, the avant-garde accessories?!

dont mock the clothes.jpg

Take away all of these fabulous style ingredients and all we're left with is another New York columnist who occasionally makes poor relationship choices and enjoys Cosmopolitans.

I'm not here to bash Carrie, trust me, I love the girl. My thoughts are this- Carrie found her power in her style, her unique flair that inspired women all over the world. 


When I moved to New York, I was surrounded by girls (admittedly, myself included) who had moved here with "Carrie Bradshaw dreams." Listen, Carrie's lifestyle and wardrobe are incredibly unrealistic, so if you really want to channel your inner Carrie and empower yourself through her character, follow the words of the woman who dressed her: "Go into your closet, maybe grab a glass of wine, and start putting together clothing you would have never thought to before. You might just discover something new about your personal style" -Patricia Field.

Long live Sex and the City, and long live Carrie Bradshaw, but long live Patricia FIeld, the woman behind the fashion magic who I have the incredible honor of working for and learning from almost every day.

Fun Fact: I got to see with my own eyes and touch with my own hands some archived pieces from the show (like that incredible white Carrie dress she wears in the opening scene of the first movie). Yes, it was a major life milestone for me.

Fun Fact: You can shop items from Sex and the City on Pat's website here.

Patricia and Sarah Jessica Parker

Patricia and Sarah Jessica Parker

Fun Fact: You can shop items from Sex and the City on Pat's website here.