Summer Leather

If you gravitate towards edgier/darker styles, hanging up your favorite leather jacket and pants during the summer is most likely a struggle you can relate to all too well. But fear not fashionistas- you can still don some leather in the hot summer months without wanting to peel all your clothes from a sweat induced frenzy.

The beauty of leather is it's fabulous transitional quality. Any leather daytime look can be easily turned into a nighttime appropriate outfit by making a few easy tweaks. A great example of this scenario that applies to the summer season is the arguable summer staple of a leather mini skirt.

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The leather mini is such a great option for leather during the heat because it's so versatile. Throw on your favorite t-shirt or tank and you've got a super chic yet laid back look. Elevate your outfit for an evening out by throwing on some heels and a red lip. Voila. If you're not feeling the whole leather skirt vibe, try some of these other ideas.

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Leather shorts are a fun and chic option as well and give you more freedom.

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Not feelin' leather on the bottom? Try it on top! Mix up your leather pieces by trying out a cute tank or dress.