The recent events of senseless police brutality and inexcusable institutionalized racism has left me deeply saddened and disgusted. A "routine" traffic stop should NEVER result in murder or violence, ESPECIALLY at the hands of law enforcement. NO American, regardless of color, ethnicity or background should live in fear for themselves or their loved ones because of the prejudice within our police force and society.

My heart goes out these souls and everyone who loved them. A hashtag simply does not do them justice. This violence needs to stop. America, wake up. We are killing our own.

To all of the innocent, beautiful people who lost their lives this year to acts of police brutality, I'm sorry this country failed to protect you and your rights, your freedom.

It's our responsibility as Americans, as PEOPLE to protect each other. These deaths must not be in vain. They must carry magnitude and meaning, they must be a signal to facilitate change and reform. America MUST stop devaluing, disrespecting and destroying black lives. Black lives MATTER. 

To put this in perspective for you:

Courtesy of: MappingPoliceViolence.Org

I hope for a future where my children never see a headline like the ones I have seen this year.

 Rest in peace to the innocent who lost their lives. #SayTheirNames

Not included in this list: Alton Sterling, Philando Castile