An Ode to All of the Nice Drunk Girls You Meet in Bathrooms


"Honestly, girl, you are WAY too beautiful and smart for him, you don't deserve this! C'mon, put on this lipgloss, take a deep breathe and let's go get a drink." Do you need a piece of gum? A cigarette? I can totally get you one. Whatever you need!"

These words, coupled with intermittent sobs, was the first thing I heard as I waited in line for the bathroom last Saturday night at a local club. A group of girls were huddled around the source of the sobs, which turned out to be a recently dumped, pretty brunette in a red dress. This girl was seriously upset, like "Does anyone have any Xanax?" upset. The small group of girls surrounding the dumpee could be best described as a personal cheerleading squad, offering constant assurances that the girl was "totally hot" and that her hair "literally looked so good." Eventually, after some sloppily applied lipgloss, they all linked arms and made their way back out to the club. Moments after,  the bathroom attendant looked at me, rolled her eyes, and exclaimed "Those girls do not know each other. They just met! Here, in this bathroom! This happen all the time."

When it comes to women, society tends to perpetuate this idea that we are constantly competing against one and other. It's almost considered normal for women to judge, gossip, and put one another down, especially if you do not know them or have just met.

Is she prettier than me? Oh, my god, her outfit is hideous. Is she looking at me weird? Wait, is she judging me? What a bitch.

However, there is also a universally understood girl code that happens when you have a number of drunk girls together in a public restroom. It's a magical recipe for instant sisterhood. 


Are you out of lipgloss? No problem, just say the word. Do you feel that last tequila shot coming up for air? Becky will hold your hair, Jessica will give you a piece of gum, and Brittany will convince you that you still look pretty. All in the matter of minutes!

Thinking back, some of the nicest compliments I have ever received have come from my fellow inebriated sisters:

"I LOVE your dress. Where did you get it? Ugh, I wish I had your boobs, I'm so jealous."

"You just have such an amazing energy about you, I can tell you're a really great person. I can pick up on vibes, it's a sorta a talent of mine."

"Your makeup is flawless, are those your real eyelashes?!" 

"I just wanted to tell you, you're like, totally slaying me right now."

On one particularly notable instance, a bubbly blonde I met at Lavo insisted I take the bracelet off of her wrist and keep it after I complimented her on it, claiming I was "so pretty and fashionable" and she "literally had so many other bracelets like it at home." It wasn't a Cartier Love bracelet or a Hermes link, but that's beside the point (a girl can dream).


Having been on the giving and receiving end of these sentiments, let me tell you something that happens every damn time: Both parties end up feeling amazing and confident. So, my question is:  What if women always treated each other the way that they do when they're drunk in public restrooms?


I'm not saying that we should pause our day everytime we encounter a gal in distress, but something as simple as a supportive smile or comment can make such a difference. It shouldn't take three shots of Jose Cuervo for us to feel comfortable enough to show some love to other queens.

So, let's raise a glass to all of the random, nice drunk girls we meet in bathrooms: May we appreciate them, may we be them and may we channel them when we're sober.